Elite Barista Training Courses


#01 - Dial It In

$220 4-Hours Max 4 People

Our Dial It In course, is ideal for those who have a basic understanding of espresso extraction who want to handle their own, in a fast-paced work environment. We'll learn how to dial in to a recipe, measure correct extraction, maintain equipment & touch on intermediate latte art (Rosettas & Tulips) so you can get that job in that fancy cafe you've had your eye on. This is an INTERMEDIATE course, and upon passing, you will be provided with a certificate of completion and a custom jug to call your own.

#02 - Run The Game

$220 4-Hours Max 4 People

Our Run The Game course is designed for seasoned Baristas already working in the industry to take their skillset to the next level. We'll work on mastering the espresso machine, coming up with your own recipe for extraction for Blends and multiple Single Origin beans, understanding pre-infusions and pressure profiling, and more advanced latte art (Stacked Tulips & Swans). This is an ADVANCED course focusing on espresso and upon completion you will leave with a certificate of merit and your own OCD tamp to call your own.


#03 - Brew Master

$220 4-Hours Max 4 People

Our Brew Master course is for experienced Baristas who want to know it all. In this course, we'll cover Green Coffee, Cupping & Sensory Sessions before moving onto advanced filter training on both V60 and Batch Brewing including recipe creation for filter. This is an ADVANCED course with a heavy focus on filter and on completion you will leave with a certificate of merit and some sweet sweet merch.

#04 - Tech Pro

$400 4-Hours Max 4 People

The Tech-Pro course is designed for highly trained Barista's and Cafe Owners who want to understand how to install, maintain, diagnose and fix their equipment. This course will reduce your dependenceĀ on machine technician call outs and give you the skills to conduct minor repairs on espresso machines. We'll learn how to install and bench test a machine, test water quality, hardness & TDS, change seals, steam arms and flow meters, and also change and calibrate blades on Mazzer, Mythos and EK grinders. This is an ADVANCED course designed to increase your technical knowledge of equipment and practical fix-it skills.

#05 - Home Pro

$150 2-Hours Max 4 People

The Home Pro course is designed for the home roaster and barista who wants to learn the basics of making beautiful cafe quality espresso from their kitchen. Bring your home machine with you and we'll learn the basics of roasting coffee at home, working out a recipe specific for your machine, basic maintenance & latte art. Perfect for that budding barista!