Why Choose The Black Lab Coffee for your cafe or business?

Meet Your Makers

We serve people, coffee... not coffee to people. This was the ideology behind The Black Lab Coffee, and the mantra behind everything we do. Coffee for the people, by the people. With Sam's extensive background as a cafe owner himself, and Eli's business savvy mind and tenacity, the boys came together to create a coffee model with Brisbane's local businesses in mind. Not everything in the wild west world of cafes is a sure thing... but what is, is the expectations of your customers. A consistent cup every single time, served with a smile. We think we've nailed it - and we want to give you the power to nail it too.

Talk To One of Our Coffee Specialists

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Which blend is right for me?
So many possible answers to this question but, ultimately, it's up to you. Our Platinum Blend is an easy-drinking Medium Roast that's always a crowd-pleaser, but for those who like it darker we recommend the Nitro Espresso. We also have rotating Single Origins available. If in doubt, chat to us and we'll happily arrange samples.
Do you provide coffee training?
We sure do! Our specialty baristas will conduct on-site training for your team at your cafe or venue.
How often do you deliver?
Typically we deliver weekly, or you can pick up at our Warehouse. If you ever find yourself in a jam and need some supplies stat though, we're happy to work with you to figure something out.
Can you help me source coffee equipment?
We can indeed! Not only can we help source equipment but we can help with the financing side of things - after all, fitting out a new cafe isn't cheap so chat to us about how to make the whole process more fiscally manageable.
Do you have a price list?
Coffee pricing isn't as simple as going in to Woolies and picking something up of the shelf - a range of factors like volume, equipment and support factor into our prices so the best way to get an accurate answer is to chat to one of us.